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The Wisconsin Law Journal honored 21 Women In The Law at a ceremony on February 13, 2009 at the Italian Center in Milwaukee.

top 25 women in law
Law & Politics honors top 25 women attorneys in criminal defense, drunk driving defense, divorce, family law, business and personal injury.

wisconsin super lawyers announces new recipients
Wisconsin Super Lawyers honors attorneys who rank in the top 5% of all lawyers.

The Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has named Attorney Tracey A. Wood as president.

Madison Magazine reveals names of three voted Madison's Best Criminal Defense Lawyers. The next vote will occur in 2010.

Atlanta Georgia Attorney Appointed To National College For DUI Defense Board of Regents
Attorney Michael Hawkins was named to the Board of Regents to the National College for DUI Defense.

Top 25 Women In Law

Celebrating Legal Excellence recognizes the recipients of the Top 25 Women In Law.


2010 Super Lawyers Top 25 Women In The Law honored:

Attorney Tracey A. Wood for her commitment to excellence. Attorney Wood is a shareholder at Van Wagner & Wood, S. C. located in Madison, Wisconsin, and a criminal and drunk driving defense lawyer. Attorney Wood was the only criminal defense lawyer named to the Top 25 Women In Law.replica watches

Attorney Jane F. Zimmerman of Murphy & Desmond.

Attorney Daphne Webb of Stafford Rosenbaum LLP.

Attorney Heidi L. Vogt of von Briesen & Roper.

Attorney Marie A. Stanton of Hurley, Burish & Stanton .

Attorney Ann Smith of Michael Best & Friedrich is a bankruptcy lawyer.

Attorney Linda Roberson of Balisle & Roberson exclusively pratices divorce and family law. .

Attorney Julie A. O'Halloran of Gagne & O'Halloran is a family law lawyer.

Attorney Kathy Nusslock of Davis & Kuelthau primarily hanldes business litigation matters.

Attorney Micaela Levine of Drinka, Levine & Masson handles family law and business litigation matters.

Attorney Ann Jacobs of Domnitz & Skemp primarily devotes her practice to medical malpractice.

Attorney Barbara Hughes of Hill, Glowacki, Jaeger & Hughes helps people with estate planning.

Attorney Patricia Gibeault of Axley Brynelson handles bankruptcy law.

Attorney Lori Gendelman of Otjen, Van Ert & Weir is a medical malpractice lawyer.

Attorney Jennifer D'Amato of Reinhart, Boerner & Van Deuren primarily handles estate planning and probate matters.

Attorney Kelly Centofanti of Centofanti Phillips represents people in personal injury cases.

Attorney Kristin M. Cafferty of Habush, Habush & Rottier focues on personal injury law.

Attorney Barbara Burbach of Burbach & Stansbury represents people on family law matters; she is an alternative dispute resolution counselor.

Attorney Kathryn Buono of Quarles & Brady handles mergers and acquisitions.

Attorney Kathleen Bonville of Gutglass, Erickson, Bonville & Larson is a medical malpractice lawyer.

Attorney Linda Bochert of Michael Best & Friedrich pracitces primarily in environmental law.

Attorney Patricia Ballman of Quarles & Brady practices in the areas of family and divorce law.

Attorney Linda Balisle of Balisle & Roberson, a family law and divorce firm in Madison, Wisconsin.

Attorney Valerie Bailey-Rihn of Quarles & Brady. Attorney Bailey-Rihn is primarily focused on bankruptcy law.


Featured Cases

Drunk Driving Charges Dismissed
Charges for operating while under the influence as a 6th offense with a .194 blood alcohol level against Attorney Corey Chirafisi's client were dismissed. Read more at OWI 6th Offense Dismissed.
Not Guilty Sexual Assault of Unconscious Victim Franck Muller replica watches
Illegal Search & Seizure Defeated - Conviction Reversed
Attorney Tracey Wood won an appeal to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals for her client who had been previously convicted while represented by another firm for drunk driving. See Drunk Driving Conviction Reversed.
Attorney Robert Rehkemper won a motion to dismiss charges against his client who had been charged with vehicular homicide.
OWI Refusal Reasonable
Chirafisi Law attorney Corey Chirafisi won a motion to dismiss charges against his client who had been charged with refusing to submit to a sobriety test. See OWI Refusal Was Reasonable.
$130,000 Dog Bite Injury
Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm obtained a $130,000 settlement for their client who sued for dog bite injuries. See Dog Bite Attack Lawsuit Settlement.
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